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New LP

This New album is a compilation of dubs we've been playing on the sound recent years. Hope you will feel the vibe. Thanks for the support over the years, Agobuncréditsparu le 7 juillet 2022In The Midst Of Fire (Chapter1) - Agobun Riddim Section1. Thoughts2. Power Of Jah3. Twinkling Stars4. Shanti Style5. Elements6. Almighty Forces7. Vision8. Blind Faith9. Bloody City10. SincerityCOMPOSED, ARRANGED & MIXED by the AGOBUN RIDDIM SECTIONFLO, OULDA, DAVIO, MOOVDEM, YOUTHMANRECORDED at AGOBUN STUDIO, LILLEMASTERED by DOUGIE at CONSCIOUS SOUNDS, LONDON

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